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The Accounting Equation Entrepreneurial Management ENTBUS 357


Let us now individually inspect the components of the accounting equation. Rules Of DebitDebit represents either an increase in a company’s expenses or a decline in its revenue. Using Apple’s 2022 earnings report, we can find all the information we need to fill in the accounting equation. We will increase the expense account Utility Expense and decrease the asset Cash. We want to increase the asset Truck and decrease the asset cash for $8,500.


This Basic accounting equations the cash account by $120,000, and increases the capital stock account. This reduces the cash account and reduces the retained earnings account.

Steps in an Accounting Equation

If it’s financed through debt, it’ll show as a liability, but if it’s financed through issuing equity shares to investors, it’ll show in shareholders’ equity. This double-entry method of bookkeeping is designed in such a way that assets will always equal to liabilities plus owners’ equity. To maintain accuracy, accountants must follow a step by step process of recording entries. The left side of the T Account shows a debit balance while the right side of the T account shows a credit balance. Account classes such as Assets & Expenses tend to have a debit balance, while account classes such as liabilities & income have a credit balance. The main idea behind the double-entry basis of accounting is that Assets will always equal liabilities plus equity. The owner’s equity for Public Limited companies also includes shareholder’s equity plus retained earnings.

  • Total all liabilities, which should be a separate listing on the balance sheet.
  • Read end-to-end for a thorough understanding of accounting formulas or use the list to jump to an equation of your choice.
  • This increases the accounts receivable account by $55,000, and increases the revenue account.
  • However, because you have to pay the loan back, your liabilities also increase by $25,000.
  • Debt is a liability, whether it is a long-term loan or a bill that is due to be paid.

Combining and equity shows how the company’s assets are financed. This equation is also the basis for the most basic of accounting reports, the aptly named Balance Sheet. A balance sheet reports what a business owns , what it owes and what remains for the owners as of a certain date. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles assumes that all assets of a business are either owned outright by the business owners or are subject to the claims of creditors.

Shareholders’ Equity

Think of retained earnings as savings, since it represents the total profits that have been saved and put aside (or “retained”) for future use. As machinery is bought on credit, liability will increase by $2,000, while machinery or asset will increase by $2,000. The equation helps support the double-entry accounting system which indicates that every entry has an opposing credit entry. For coverage of transactions in accrual accounting, see “Debits and Credits in Accrual Accounting.”

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